Anti-Gay Fundamentalist Endorses Gay Marriage By Accident

Dan Savage, gay rights activist, was challenged by the slightly hateful president of the hate group National Organization For Mariage (NOM), Brian Brown, to a debate. Anywhere. Anytime. So Dan wisely suggested dinner with his husband and son at his own house. What followed was a really compelling debate that was a little light on moderation, but heavy on ideas. At least from one side. While Mr. Brown focused on attacking Dan personally, and putting words into his mouth that he didn't say, Dan brought delicious salient facts to the table. THEN, at 47:50, Mr. Brown actually said some words that basically won the debate for Dan. It was awesome. And at 53:20 it just gets double awesome.

Just to repeat, when asked about banning divorce he said, "No. Because you believe something is wrong, doesn't mean you make it illegal."