DISCLOSURE: I have a young daughter. And in the back of the caveman part of my brain, I'll often get visions of a future where I become a walking cartoon villain, the worst kind of dad, one who attempts to intimidate any guy (if that's the type of folks she's into) who goes near her — who gets paranoid about how she presents herself to the world, and who can't grasp that she's going to be who she is, that she'll be able to make decisions for herself, on her own terms, without me getting in the way and ruining everything.

Fortunately, I generally tell that part of my brain to go to hell and grow up since I don't do that to my son and it's an idiotic double standard that has no place in the 21st century.

Javon Johnson was brave enough to expose that part of his brain and then call himself out on it. This is not safe for work, but it is pretty awesome. At 2:19, he realizes he's being ridiculous. At 3:00, he totally redeems himself with my favorite part:

Baby girl, daddy wants you to own your own body, wants you to know what it's like to live life. As if humans were made to jump out of airplanes without parachutes, I want you to be everything you can be.

I'm filing this away for 12 years from now. If you could share it, that'd be awesome.

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