Meet Brian Bradley, otherwise known by his stage name, The Astronomical Kid (or simply Astro).

OK, I already love him because of his shirt.

Brian takes his music career seriously — almost as seriously as his role being a supportive son for his mother.

Brian, now 18, was raised by his single mom alongside his younger sister. He started rapping professionally at the age of 10 after his mom made good on a promise to give him studio time if he kept his grades up.

So it's no wonder, then, that his very first single was a rap song he wrote in response to seeing his mother constantly hit on and harassed by men.

Presenting to you: "Stop Looking at My Moms."

It's kinda cool that a little kid would tackle an issue like street harassment (maybe the first-ever popular rap song to do so?) for his very first single *and* totally nail it. Hear for yourself — it's super catchy!

Watch the full music video here:

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