A Simple Message That Anyone Who Really Cares About The Middle Class Can Appreciate

Two things: The economy's still dragging, and we still have all this awesome and helpful stuff we could be doing to boost the recovery. But tough times have historically been a good time to invest in our country. Here's an example of how we can use tax money we're already spending on something specific and important, but in a way that doesn't completely screw our own workers.

In summary...

By not outsourcing to other countries, government could invest in more jobs here.

By building stuff here, we wouldn't have to to ship as much stuff across oceans.

By making public transit a more reliable option for people, we could reduce traffic and pollution.

By better connecting our cities and towns with bus and rail lines, we could open up all sorts of new economic opportunities.

And by generating new revenues, we could help people (and ourselves) in a bunch of other ways.

Sounds pretty great to me. Learn more here.