Did you see the preview image?

You know, this one? Go ahead and study it.

How about a replay?

How about in slow mo?

Camera 2 in slow-mo?

Who would you pick in the lineup?

Let's see if you were right.

If you got it right, good for you. But let's be honest: You probably didn't. The vast majority of the audience didn't either.

Ordinary eyewitnesses are less like you and more like the people in the audience: completely unprepared to see something they really need to remember.

You saw the crime over and over. Full speed. Slow-mo. Freeze frame. Multiple camera angles. And you still probably didn't pick the right guy.

Yet we hold up eyewitness testimony like it's nearly infallible. It's not.

Sometimes it's all we have, but when it is, we should hold eyewitness testimony to the utmost scrutiny.

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