A modern look at family: A Q&A with a transgender son and his mom

Recently, a young man went through his transition to male. There were some high and low points during the process, so he had a Q&A with his mom so we could see what the process was like for the family.

Isn't Sky's mom kinda awesome? It's amazing to have supportive parents. When family has your back, it's 100 times easier to grow into your own personhood, whatever form it may take.

Sky and his mom admit it took a while to decide when the time was right to start the gender transition, and every family is different. Take Jazz Jennings — her parents helped her begin her transition at the age of 6. And another family, the Whittingtons, decided to recognize their daughter Ryland as a boy at the age of 5.

What do all these families have in common? Each set of parents supported their child to make deeply personal changes on timelines that worked for them, not everyone else. Oh, and they have lots of love for each other.

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