8 People Say Heartbreaking Things About Themselves On Camera. They Had No Idea Who Was Listening.

As a rule, I think it's best not to concern ourselves with what strangers think of our appearance. However, here's an exception.


Sometimes, we're our own worst critic. We're hard on ourselves and we don't see the amazing parts because we're hung up on what we perceive to be the "bad" parts. (There are no bad parts when it comes to how we look, by the way, but we're conditioned to believe there are and it's easy to fall into that trap. Trust me, I know.)

So instead of looking for all of our characteristics — physical and otherwise — that we like, we get hung up on the things we perceive as negative.

That damages our self-esteem and wears us down.

What if we could look in the mirror objectively? Silence our negative internal dialogue and look for the amazing things others see?

These people stood in front of a mirror and listed what they believe are their flaws — only it was a two-way mirror.

And while I very rarely believe it's a smart idea to listen to a total stranger's critique of another person's physical appearance, it was a good thing here.

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