Watch Strangers Step In When A Man Physically Assaults A Woman. Watch Them Laugh When It's Reversed.

Laura Willard

Violence is violence. Whether the victim is a man or a woman, we cannot tolerate domestic abuse. And it's certainly never funny. The bystanders' very different reactions to the two scenarios is a good reminder that we need change the way we view things.

Trigger warning: Although these are actors, physical and verbal abuse is portrayed in this video.

The statistics in this video are for the UK. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the U.S. "have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner." Please don't take this as diminishing the significance of what women experience — just be aware that many men are victims as well, and they deserve the same concern.

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Female Voice: Fantastic. Yeah, and I'll try and fit you in Thursday, and then get the. . .

Male Voice: Why do you do this?

Female Voice: Why do I do what?

Male Voice: You are annoying.

Female Voice: What?

Male Voice: Your fucking pathetic.

Female Voice: Get your hand off me.

Male Voice: Come here.

Female Voice: What?

Male Voice: Where were you?

Female Voice: I'm not talking today. I'm not talking today. Get your hand off me.

Male Voice: Who was that?

Female Voice: Get your hand off me. . .

Male Voice: Who was that? Tell me, who was that?

Female Voice: People are looking at us, people, get your hand off me, people are looking at us, will you get your hand off me?

Male Voice: Shut up. everyone's starting to stare.

Male Voice:Hey, mate? What's wrong with you?

Male Voice:Honestly, we're fine.

Female Voice:No.Thanks.

Female Voice: Okay. 'Cause someone'll call the police if you carry on doing that to someone.

Male Voice: Okay. Okay.

Female Voice: 'Cause if I don't, someone else will.

Male Voice: Okay. Okay.

Female Voice: All right?

Male Voice: It's totally fine.

Female Voice: You don't have to put up with that, honey. Okay? Whoever you are.

Female Voice: Thank you.

Male Voice: So you're definitely all right, yeah?

Female Voice: Yeah. Yeah, I am. I'm great. Thanks.

[rewinding sound]

Female Voice: What, do I do what? Do you ever listen to. . .

Male Voice: Chrissy, stop this. You're crazy.

Female Voice: Fucking manic. I've been talking at you for the last 10 minutes, and you haven't listened, you haven't got an inkling fucking what I've been saying to you.

Male Voice: You are crazy, you're making a scene, stop pushing me.

Female Voice: Because you're fucking not even listening to me, that's what! Why do I push you like that, 'cause you won't fucking respond to me or listen to me. You think you're fucking all manly!

Male Voice: I wasn't. . .

Female Voice: No, you can't be. No, you can't be! Don't try to fucking walk away. . . Stop. Listen to me when I'm talking. Just don't try to fucking walk away from me! Stop it! Why the fucking bullshit? Why the fucking bullshit?

Male Voice: No, no, what the, what the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with you, I did nothing. . .

Female Voice: Don't give me that shit! Okay? Pathetic. You're so fucking pathetic.

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