Walmart Workers Capture What It’s Like Being In Their Shoes. It’s Heartbreaking.

I admire these people for standing up for what's right and trying to improve their lives on the job. Applause.

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At Walmart it's a choice between paying our rent or getting our car fixed to get to work.

Not having enough hours makes it hard to survive.

In 37 years my husband and I have never been able to take a vacation.

I have been receiving late notices for the last four years every month.

My dad depends on the cost of living with me and he is the bread giver.

My brother used to work in a grocery store and he got fired. He just got fired...

I was struggling a lot trying to pass my bills on time because the pay is low.

Also learned...

I was scared to tell my manager I was pregnant.

I work two jobs and still can't not afford...

I had choose between paying rent and going to the doctor.

Even after three and half years I always used to...

I had to make it up to pay the bill...

I did a salary manager's job and was paid $9.80 an hour.

They have all the money but can't take away my hope. They can't take that away from me.

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Jun 02, 2014

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