Usually Tampon Ads Give Me Cramps And A Headache. This One Makes Me Smile.

FINALLY! An ad that normalizes talking about periods for a younger crowd. Getting your period is SO not something to be embarrassed about, but you'd never guess that from the way most tampon and pad ads go out of their way to not talk about what their products are used for.

I'm really glad this ad doesn't try to cover up what a period is with poetic language, nondescript neon-blue liquid demonstrations, or slow-mo shots of girls dancing on beaches in white pants. Periods are normal. Talking about them and how to handle them should be normal, too.

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Girl 1: It was the beginning of summer and no one knew me at camp. I was just a big random loser. Then, things changed. I got my period. The red badge of courage. I was the first one to get it, so I was, like, the expert. I became the camp gyno.

It's a serious responsibility. From now on, you get these from me. I'm like a counselor now. Listen up ladies, menstruation demonstration. For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc. Your sword, your shield. It's like I'm Joan and their vag is the arc.

Girl 2: Oh, it hurts.

Girl 1: Suck it up and deal with it! I guess the power got to my head a little bit. This is your life now. Popularity can do that. I know it's that time of month for you because I know your cycle. Hey. where are you going? But as quickly as it began, it was over. Lauren!. Girls stopped coming to their appointments. Then, I found out why. The whole camp starting getting freaking care packages in the mail with tampons and panty liners and candy, all perfectly timed to their cycle. It's like Santa for your vagina! How could a camp gyno compete with that?

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ORIGINAL: By Hello Flo. Found on Jezebel.

Sep 16, 2013

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