This Guy's Not The First To Say It, But Men And Women Are Not Really All That Equal In Everything

Inequality happens in the office, in politics, and even on the street. Let's, um, change that right now, OK?

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What if I told you that gender equality movements need to do more for men. You probably think I"m an idiot, right? Given unfair pay gaps and other existing inequalities. But hear me out. Male or female, we"re all socialized into certain gender roles from an early age. Men have ridiculous ideals of manhood thrust upon us. We"re raised with rigid notions of what it means to be a man. We"re fed the idea that manhood is defined by how tough you are, how many sexual partners you have, how much pain you can endure, and how much power you can exert of others. We believe men should be strong, fearless and in control. Men shouldn"t cry or show emotion. We"re told to "man up" or "don"t be a pussy", and we believe that dominant behavior towards women is part of being a man. Not enough man speak up and challenge the existing gender order. There"s a bi-standard culture, because gender issues are normally equated to women"s issues as if it"s a battle to be fought by women, for women. There"s also a perception that men can"t talk about things like gender equality as it will somehow stop them being "real men". These attitudes perpetuate inequality. Gender equality is about equal treatment. It"s not about men fighting women, women taking from men, or men losing parts of themselves. Homophobia, misogyny, and sexism aren"t masculine. Blatant chauvinism can"t be passed off as "banter" and you don"t have to be some sort of marauding Neanderthal to be a man. So gender equality movements do need to do more for men, and they can do. They can help us redefine ourselves just like they did for women. But that can only happen if we drag our attitudes out of the nineteenth century. If we re-frame our definition of masculinity, and if we stop being held hostage by these ridiculous macho stereotypes.

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This video was created by Ben Acheson. Follow Ben on Facebook and Twitter. Ben had some comments about why he created this video, and you can read them below.

"Ben takes on gender equality. Do you think gender equality movements need to do more to help men?

Are the gender roles and macho stereotypes that we are socialised into hurting us? What does it mean when people say ‘be a man’? Are we really groomed to believe that dominant behaviour towards women is part of being a man?

Ben argues that not enough men speak up and challenge the existing gender order, as if gender equality is a battle to be fought by women, for women. But what is gender equality really about? And how can gender equality movements help men?"


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