Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Teacher? Here's What That Actually Looks Like.

Being a teacher probably isn't that hard, right? You're off by mid-afternoon, summers are totally free ... piece of cake! JUST KIDDING. I've never tried it, but being a teacher definitely seems like it would be very challenging. If you aren't quite yet convinced of that, just check out these facts.

FACT CHECK TIME! Here's what our fact-checkers found:

  • Looks like the average work day for teachers is about 9 hours, but we don't doubt that some work up to 11 hours.
  • And yep, the hours listed for how much teachers work in a year totally check out. To see the numbers for even more countries, check out the source.

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This neat infographic was made by Knewton. You can embed it on your site, too, if ya like! Just snag the code here. Thumbnail photo via Thinkstock.

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Megan Kelley

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