Things Might Not Get A Lot Better. And It's Time We Talked About It.

Well, I’m confused. Politicians keep promising to grow the economy, but this economist says growth is over. He also gave me a whole new perspective on the Industrial Revolution at 1:15.

If you're short on time (time is money!), get the TL;DR at 1:45. If it all sounds too crazy, wait until 2:40 — bet the history lesson will start sounding verrrry familiar. Not to worry, he serves up solutions after 4:50.


This extra-strong dark roast dose of reality was brought to you by the Post Carbon Institute and features the thinking of Richard Heinberg.

So what are we supposed to do about this? I've found Juliet Schor's ideas about how to live in a not-so-dependent-on-constant-economic-growth kinda way, which she wrote about in a book called "Plenitude," pretty intriguing.

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Carolyn Silveira

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