The Things Some Men Do To Young Girls Seeking Education Tells You How Scared Of Them They Are

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With intelligence seeming to be in short supply sometimes these days, you’d think we’d want every bit of it we can get. But throughout history, we’ve seen those in power withhold education from those they fear.

Around the world, girls doing nothing more than trying to learn have been kidnapped, poisoned, shot, and killed. It’s beyond heartbreaking and cruel. And the fact is: We need these girls. Can you just imagine what the world will be like when they come into their own? I can. And I can’t wait.


This video was produced by Half the Sky Movement, a great organization dedicated to turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide. You can follow and Like them on Facebook. Founders Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn wrote a book called "Half the Sky" you may want to check out, and here’s a great article Kristof wrote about one Vietnamese smart girl, Dao Ngoc Phung. You can also follow Kristof on Facebook and WuDunn on Twitter.


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