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While Congress is hard at work setting the galactic record for sustained inaction, President Obama is flubbing a huge opportunity to fix one of America's longest-churning crises.

FACT CHECK TIME! At one point, this video makes the claim that President Obama has deported more people than almost all previous presidents combined. We think that kind of statement requires some clarification: While by our count as of the end 2013 he's topped the totals of every other individual president since 1892, he's yet to eclipse President Bush's eight-year total of 2 million deportations. However, with time left in his presidency, and without a radical shift in his deportation policy, the smart money is on him living up to his nickname in some circles as Deporter-in-Chief.


The good folks at Presente sent over this video because President Obama has very recently ordered a comprehensive review of his administration's immigration policy. It could be a huge opportunity to put pressure on the president to do the right thing and stop the needless separation of children from their parents. If that sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, you should definitely join their campaign.

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