Talking To Your Kids About Safe Sex? Just Shut Up And Bust A Rhyme.

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When thinking of the global devastation of AIDS and the body count of millions of lives crushed and lost — there are no happy trails. So when you come across a story that actually involves children smiling and even grooving to the subject, without being smacked by statistics, it can reignite a fire of change within. (That feeling is also accompanied by rows of smiley face emojis for the future.)

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"SK" Sikhumbuzo Mnculwane: The biggest goal of Grassroot Soccer is to make sure that we stop the next HIV infection. We want to make sure that we keep young people HIV-free.

Narrator: Give it up for Umpar Pops [inaudible].

"SK" Sikhumbuzo Mnculwane: What we do is we find community role models, young people from within the community who are identifiable as kind of almost the same age and we connect them with a great program and a whole lot of energy and I think the results are great from there.

Umpar: If you had to hear something in a song, and you had to hear a speech, which one would you remember, which one are you more likely to remember? The song. Okay, so Husan and I, I don't know if you will join me brother?

Husan: I'll join you, yeah.

Upmar: We want to see if we can create a song that will help people learn about HIV and AIDS and cause awareness. So what does any song need, ladies and gentlemen, for it to be a good song? A beat, a beat. So we have our brother over here. He's going to hook us up with a beat. Yo, the top hat is missing of my voice, circumcise, every time, I go in, we go get a condom. Condomize. Wait, wait, let's try it. Okay, okay, okay. So, before we start the next beat, I'm going to pull our lovely young lady over there. So our [inaudible] looking chest-head brother is going to hook you up with a beat and let it go, you know.

Narrator: Don't be shy, it's okay.

Narrator: For ladies, protect yourself. For gents, come on, [inaudible]. Put on condom. Otherwise, hey [inaudible].

All: [laughter]

Umpar: Yo, uh-huh. When I say "circum", you say "size." Circum.

All: Size.

Umpar: Circum.

All: Size.

Umpar: When I say "condom", you say "ize." Condom.

All: Ize.

Umpar: Condom.

All: Ize.

Umpar: When I say "Husan," you say Minhaj. Husan.

All: Minhaj.

Umpar: Husan.

All: Minhaj.

Umpar: When I say Umpar, you say handsome. Umpar.

All: Handsome.

Umpar: Umpar.

All: Handsome.

Umpar: Umpar.

All: Handsome.

Umpar: Umpar.

All: Handsome.

Umpar: Umpar.

All: Handsome.


Umpar: So, ladies and gents, HIV and AIDS affects us all, even though we don't have it, you know. Just because it's not infecting you, doesn't mean it's not affecting you. These people around us are people that we love, that we that we care about. Now, when it comes to HIV and AIDS, judging by what you guys know, what do you think is the biggest killer? Here we go, what's that? Stress. And most people stress because they don't talk to anyone about it. Some people get AIDS, and they think, no, I can't tell anyone. You know, I don't want anyone to know. And what happens is that they start stressing. And what happens after that? It kills them and this is a true story, right. And this is what I say you guys need to speak about it. And why Husan is also stressing about it. And you need to talk about HIV and AIDS. My uncle passed away from HIV and AIDS and what killed him, he was afraid to talk to anyone. And because he didn't say anything, we couldn't help him. We didn't know the pain he was going through. So, in this case, had we had been open about it, had we been inviting about it, we could have done something about it sooner. So it's our responsibility to take what we learned today and teach them. So please guys, let's talk about. Let's condomize and let's abstain. LaPrada [SP], two condoms for you, LaPrada [SP]. Say it guys, Thank you for having us. That's all I need to say. Thank you for having me and Husan.

Narrator: Let's bring it in, let's bring it in. Who are, who are, who are we?


All: Dreams.

Narrator: Cheers on the count of three.

All: One, two, three, dreams.

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This fresh piece of sunshine, done in collaboration with Grassroot Soccer of South Africa, is part of a transmedia series called Stand Up Planet. It features international comedians, including Mpho Popps (South Africa) and Hasan Minhaj (India), tackling global issues with humor. As part of their mission to educate, Stand Up Planet also produced this video about male circumcision, a preventative tool used to help reduce the spread of HIV. Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

May 30, 2014

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