One Of The Most Truthful PSAs To Ever Grace The Internet, As Performed By A Comedy Group

A few years ago, we witnessed the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. To put it mildly, it sucked and continues to suck. I recently came across this video from the time that sheds a little humor on the subject, and it re-pissed me off about the whole incident and how little we've done to fix our dependence on oil. We need to remember that, years later, our neighbors are still cleaning up their beaches and pulling their businesses out of a depressed economy.

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David Winthrop: Good evening, we at BP would just like to say we feel terrible about that oil in the gulf business. Still, we believe there's a bright side to everything. Has anyone considered just how rich these fish have become? I mean they are literally swimming in money and when you consider that each fish is covered in a half gallon of oil, well that's easily 5 American dollars, right there. More than any fish could ever need. And those are just the fish that have been covered in oil once. Many of these fish have been cleaned off and put right back in the oil.

I believe the appropriate phase is cha ching. And lets not forget these fish are from the gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, where there's an incredibly low standard of living. I bet a fish could go pretty far down there with $5 in it's pocket and it's gills. And don't get me started on those uppity nevo seabirds.

So on behalf of BP, I'd just like to say, "We're not spilling oil, we're spreading wealth around, particularly on your beaches."

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This hilarious video was created by the one and only Upright Citizens Brigade. You can show them some lovin' on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you want to dive a little deeper (pun intended), you can read about BP's recent claims against the people of the Gulf Coast.

May 22, 2014

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