Jon Stewart Made A Dramatic Movie Called 'Rosewater,' And The Trailer Gives Me Chills

Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show" and one of my favorite people when it comes to speaking truth to power, took a summer off last year to shoot a movie. Not star in it, but actually write and direct it. It's not a comedy.

It's based on the true story of Maziar Bahari, a Canadian journalist who was born in Iran and covered Iranian elections in 2009 for Newsweek during the Arab Spring. He ended up witnessing the election and shooting footage that got sent to the BBC. The police arrested him and tortured and interrogated him for 118 days.

This is the trailer for that movie, "Rosewater." And my eyes teared up a little. So apparently I'm not all dead inside.

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I'm going to miss you.

It's crazy how like you are one month pregnant and you're really like this.

Go away.

It's just one week.

Welcome to Iran.

A union for business or pleasure?

I'm a journalist. I'm covering the elections for News Read Magazine.

Ahmadinejad is devoted to discipline leader. Ahmadinejad does what must be.

You're told to report the other side?

We are the educated.

So, you are students.

We are the educated.

Welcome to this university.

Why did you put away your camera when you saw the satellites?

There are certain situations that if you film them, they won't do your friends for the moment any good.

Tensions are rising in Iran.

The election has ended in controversy.

What are you doing?

Fighting back.

You're going to get killed. Come on.

You have a real weapon and you choose not to use it.

Stand up.

We are here now.

Sarah, can you tell me why I'm here?

That's what happens to foreign spies caught on Iranian soil.

You are a spy. Who are you working for? The CIA? {inaudible], MI6
You will tell them nothing.

There's nothing to tell.

Where's Anton Jacob?

Anton Jacob, the playwright?

Now, you tell me. It is you who has listed an interest of him on Facebook.

You must not just take his blood. You must take his hope.

Your wife will never see you again. Your child, your child will never know you.

He was their freedom. He was their weakness.

What are you doing?

They've locked you up, but you're still free.

In their hearts... they know they cannot win.

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"Rosewater" by Jon Stewart.

Aug 29, 2014

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