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Female: Hey, ladies. This commercial is just for you. So come on over.

Female: Hey gals. You know with work kids and sinful lady parts, life can get real hard, and not in a fun way.

Female: Totally. That's why we go to Lobby Hobby. The hobby shop that lets us forget about our problems.

Narrator: From knitting, to bow making, to apron sewing, Lobby Hobby has everything a girl needs to keep her life absolutely carefree.

Female: I'm using Lobby Hobby crafts to make my own birth control pills. Who needs healthcare coverage now, male Supreme Court justices?

Females: Lobby Hobby!

Female: I crafted a new religion. Now I can redefine what an abortion is, and ignore laws in fun new ways. Wait. No I can't. I'm just a woman, not a corporation.

Females: Lobby Hobby!

Female: Lobby Hobby helped me make this cute Viagra and vasectomy gift bag for my husband because men should have control over their bodies and women should be punished for their sins.

Female: Lobby

Female: Hobby.

Female: Thanks to Lobby Hobby, I know that corporations are people and women aren't. Super fun ... party.

Male: Honey, time to make a baby.

Females: We don't have a choice.

Narrator: Lobby Hobby helps you craft away your crippling cramps and unplanned pregnancies with glitter fills of fun. Pack your seven kids into the car and come into a store today. And coming in 2015, do it yourself witch burning kits. Fun for the whole male family.

Females: We're witches!

Narrator: Hobby Lobby happy, at happy lobby hobby.

Female: Hey ladies, remember to subscribe and watch our other videos.

Female: And hurry, before we end up pregnant.

Female: Seriously though, I can't afford birth control. It's like $80 a month. Duh!

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"Lobby Hobby happy with happy Lobby Hobby!" This silly commercial spoof comes from Happy Little Guillotine Studios. Did you like it? Feel free to share it and show them some love on Twitter.

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