If You're As Addicted To Coffee As I Am, You'll Understand Why This Is Important

It's about more than coffee, but the coffee part is a pretty big selling point.

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John: Hi. My name is John. And I’m trying to raise awareness of a movement called suspended coffees. What is a suspended coffee? Suspended coffees is a cup of coffee made for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. Here’s how you can do it.
You go into your local supporting cafe and ask the boys to suspend the coffee. The coffee is then held in suspense for someone to come along and ask for avail [sp] of any suspended coffees.
Today to increase awareness about this movement, I went to my local supporting café and hanged it out some suspended coffees and asked people what they thought.
Richard: I think for me the suspended coffees arrangement takes away the patronizing charity side out of it. People come in and say, “I’d like to buy a suspended coffee” and we say, “Yeah. Great. We’ll give you credit.” And then someone who needs one comes in and they come in and take a cup of coffee. And no one else knows they got a charity cup of coffee. It’s not a free cup of coffee.
John: There’s a good sense of community spirit as well Richard, isn’t there?
Richard: Exactly. That’s really it. It’s not just people coming in and saying they would like to give 20 Euros to this charity. It’s you go in and you give your 2 Euro and you know it’s going to someone who might be living next door to you. It’s certainly walking on the same street as you. And two minutes after you drop your 2 Euro into the box, someone comes in and takes a cup of coffee and you have given something that’s absolutely immediate.
John: Richard is one of the first chaps [sp] to takes on and I think he should be applauded for how you’ve done Richard. The feedback you got has been great, hasn’t it?
Richard: Yeah. It has been massive. But I think the most important thing is all we’re doing is we’re just the middle men. All we ‘redoing is taking somebody’s money and passing on a cup of coffee.
John: When you first started you had a pretty big buildup of suspended coffees. So I actually think was there 1,000 Euros raised. You actually donated that to a local [inaudible].
Richard: Yeah. That’s right. 1600 Euros.
John: Yeah. Oh, was that 16!
Richard: There’ll probably be another one soon.
John: If you were asked in six words how would to describe suspended coffees, Richard, how would you describe it?
Richard: I’d say it’s about more than just coffee.
Pedestrian: It’s about doing something nice for somebody you don’t know.
John: It’s about giving to someone directly in your community. It’s about spreading a bit of kindness.
Pedestrian: It’s a random act of kindness to a complete stranger that makes their day.
Richard: What you’re providing is your providing a welcome.
Pedestrian: It’s about making someone’s day brighter.
Pedestrian: It’s about warming up someone who is having a bad day.
Pedestrian: You want to know what happened to the drink I had, it was really warm. I feel the love in this coffee.
Richard: It’s showing people that people still care.
Pedestrian 5: It’s about charging [sp], you know. Someone is probably having a bad day and they walk in and get free coffee and it just makes their day.
John: The more coffee shops we have on board the better. Please, if you can, go and buy a coffee for a stranger [inaudible]. Just suspended coffee for someone who may be down in their luck.
Group: It’s about more than the coffee.

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Are you interested in suspending a coffee? Let the people at Suspended Coffees know, or tell your local coffee shop about it. Thanks to Caffe Sospeso. Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

Apr 29, 2014

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