How A Little Paint On The Side Of A New York City Building Can Help Change A Life Forever

Morgan Shoaff

The act of waiting in line: You begin to grow impatient, your feet start to hurt, you let out a sigh (and maybe an angry tweet) — you have places to be. Don't people know you have places to be?! So. Annoying. And so absurd when you compare it to the people waiting in the type of line painted here.


This video was made by the New York Donor Network to encourage New Yorkers to register as organ donors. If you live in the NYC area, be a champ and do it. And if you live somewhere else, well, you're not off the hook! More than 119,000 people in the United States are awaiting an organ transplant, so go ahead and check this state-by-state registry to see how you can help.


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