Did These Guys Just Win A Dance Off ... With The Law? I Sure Hope So.

I think Americans are smart. Some American laws, however, I'm not so sure.

The facts in this dance mashup kinda made me turn inside out thinking about what these laws do to help people versus how they hurt people. Drug laws are hurting more than helping. Does that sound smart to you?

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America’s public enemy number one is drug abuse.

American people want their government to get tough, to go on the offensive.

You will be put away, and put away for good. Three strikes and you are out.

The war against drugs is heating up.

As you can see, those numbers are growing.

America has spent more than $1 trillion on the war against drugs.

More than 45 million drug-related…

Put them away, put them away where they belong.

Mandatory sentences on those convicted…

We are the jailingest country on the planet, beyond Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia.

We have to have more jails, more police, longer sentences served.

Total war against public enemy number one.

Law has [inaudible] U.S. war on drugs has not been successful.

Drugs are cheaper and more plentiful than ever before.

I don’t think the current law can be defended.

Too many people in jail that don’t need to be there.

There’s a lot that is not working.

We’ve fought a war we’ve been unsuccessful.

I believe it is in the interest of every American that we thoroughly examine our entire criminal justice system.

It affects all of us.

A major change in the way…

What do we want?

Drop the rock.

Too many prisons.

The war on drugs has been a failure.

Drugs as a public health problem.

We have to go a different way.

There will never emerge a shred of leadership that will change the situation. It’s up to us.

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This video was made by the folks at Charlotte Street Films to drop some knowledge and get our pesky congresspeople to debate the Smarter Sentencing Act. Charlotte Street set up a little petition that they'd like to see become a big historic event. This is what's known as "next-level s#!t," I believe. (Congress should debate this act in June 2014. Read about it!) Democracy is exciting sometimes! This is one of those times.

Charlotte Street Films is the same team that made "The House I Live In," which is basically "The Wire" in documentary film format — i.e., it contains a lot of baffling drug war realities that you'll never forget. Many of the clips in this video are from that film.

May 22, 2014

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