Calling Girls This Word May Seem Harmless — But Why Are Boys Never Called It?

For every girl who holds back from raising her hand in class, who stops herself from raising her voice, or who doubts herself and what she's capable of: This video is for you.

For the rest of you reading this? Well, if you find yourself using the word in the video to describe young girls, I hope these girls — who are at the age where studies have shown girls' self-esteem drops 3.5 times more than boys — remind you that words matter.

Now, girls: Speak up, take the lead, and let's run this world.

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Here’s why I will not lead the defense that proves innocence.

Where I won’t be pass a bill that alters the course of history.

Or design a building that reaches the skyline.

I won’t ask the questions that change the whole conversation.

Here’s where I will start to doubt myself.

Here is where I will start being interrupted.

Here’s where I will stop raising my hand.

Here’s where my voice will get drowned out.

Here’s where I was called stubborn . . .

. . . pushy . . .

. . . know-it-all . . .

. . . aggressive . . .

. . . bossy . . .

Here’s where I will change it all.

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This awesome video was made by Lean In, a non-profit organization, which you can follow on Twitter. Calling all women, men, boys, and girls: Join Sheryl Sandberg, Condoleezza Rice, and Girl Scouts CEO Anna Maria Chavez to take the pledge to Ban Bossy --->

"We need to get rid of the word 'bossy' and bring back the word 'feminist,'" Sandberg said onstage at TEDWomen in December 2013. Just a little reminder of how awesome Sheryl is.

Mar 10, 2014

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