Being A Good Mother Means Sometimes Buying Your Kid A Vagina Cake When They Lie

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HelloFlo is a company that’s found an innovative way to sell tampons and other products for women and girls. But what they’ve done that’s even more genius is make a couple brilliant ads that normalize getting a period (you know, cause it’s normal). This is ad number two, and dare I say, it’s even funnier than the first one. So, let’s all watch the video and talk about how cool we are with periods, shall we?

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Katie: First Jenny got it. Then stupid Vicky got it. And I tried everything to get my period! Nothing. So I faked it. Hm. Looks like Florida. Yeah I got it. It's so red.

Friend: Cherry slush club!

Friend: Blood sisters.

Katie: They bought it.

Mom: Hey, Katie, what's this?

Katie: What do you think it is? I'm on my ladies days.

Mom: What do I think it is? Rubylious nail polish, but she doesn't need to know that. We have to celebrate.

Katie: No, we don't.

Mom: Oh, its family tradition. We're throwing you a first moon party.

Katie: What the hell is a first moon party?

Mom: Oh, its one thing to lie to me, but to take that tone? It's on. Hi, do you make vagina cakes? Hello?

Katie: Then people started showing up at my house.

Mom: Grandpa! Good to see you!

Grandpa: So grown up!

Katie: Grandparents? My friends?

Friend: This is so weird.

Katie: My mom's freakin' co-workers?

Co-worker: There she is. I got you a super pack.

Katie : These are coffee filters.

Coworker: Yeah, I wasn't sure what brand you liked. Kids.

Katie: I just didn't expect my mom to be such a freak!

Mom: Pin the pad on the period! All right. Step right up!

Katie: Pin the pad on the period? Seriously?

Mom: Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus pinata?

Katie: I used to like marshmallows. Not anymore.

Boy: This next one's for Katie.

Boy: And the weirdest birthday party ever!

Mom: Mike drop.

Boys: I'm a...

Katie: When things couldn't get any worse.

Dad: Surprise!

Katie: My dad showed up. [screams]

Mom: What are you doing? You're missing the vagician [sic].

Katie: You need to stop this. No one is having fun.

Mom: What are you talking about? This party is a hit. Your grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ!

Katie: I faked it!

Mom: [Laugh] Well maybe you should open this first.

Katie: Period starter kit? Aren't you going to ground me for lying?

Mom: Why do you think I threw you the first moon party? Would you think I wouldn't know? Periods don't have glitter in them.

Co-worker: Sometimes you just got to wait.

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Video from HelloFlo. Do yourself a favor and check out their first glorious ad.


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