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Male Voice: He's on the stage.

[crowd chanting]

Together: We're just a little to caught up in the way the world sees us,

Jewish Girl: And the way my people see yours,

Muslim Girl: And the way my people see yours,

Together: And the way our people see ourselves.

Jewish Girl: In 1996, a Jewish girl was born, with the Shabbat candles glistening in her eyes.

Muslim Girl: In 1996, a Muslim girl was born, with the Adhan ringing in her ears.

Together: She only knew of her own, um

Muslim Girl: Jumu'ah,

Jewish Girl: Kabbalat Shabbat,

Muslim Girl: Nasheeds,

Jewish Girl: Z'mirot,

Muslim Girl: Allah,

Jewish Girl: Adonai.

Together: She never noticed

Muslim Girl: That Jewish girl

Jewish Girl: That Muslim girl

Together: holding the same needles and threads that she did.

Muslim Girl: So in quilted generations from stitches and calloused palms of their past

Jewish Girl: Friday prayers

Muslim Girl: Religious songs

Together: Like, God, we are both birthed from resilience, yet raised by assumptions

Jewish Girl: This Jewish girl

Muslim Girl: Muslim girl

Together: Only heard:

Muslim Girl: Dirty money.

Jewish Girl: Oppressive husbands.

Muslim Girl: Big-nosed banker.

Jewish Girl: Suspicious terrorist.

Muslim Girl: Gas chamber.

Jewish Girl: Go back home!

Muslim Girl: But--but it's 2013,

Together: Right?

Jewish Girl: So all that's done.

Together: Right? So why is it that every time

Jewish Girl: A penny falls, I'm assumed to be the one to pick it up? Stealing from every man's pocket,

Together: And every time

Muslim Girl: The airport security check line moves forward, I'm the one who's pulled aside and patted down?

Jewish Girl: We both look discrimination in the eye.

Muslim Girl: We both live in a country that swears up and down that all people are equal.

Together: Our hands should be caught together, fists raised as one, fighting against the stereotype that this country has put upon my people.

Jewish Girl: In Habron, a 14-year-old Palestinian girl was killed when a Jewish settler shot a bullet into her right eye. She'll never get to witness her holy land come back to her.

Muslim Girl: In Herzliya, a 14-year-old Israeli girl was killed by a Palestinian pipe bomb. She was just trying to eat her dinner at her favorite restaurant by the beach.

Jewish Girl: We are told to stay within the confines of our religion,

Muslim Girl: Of our tradition,

Jewish Girl: As if a young Palestinian girl's life ended by Israeli gunfire

Muslim Girl: Is worth any more or less than a young Israeli girl's life ended by a Palestinian pipe bomb.

Jewish Girl: This world would rather chew up and spit out our history than help these two girls

Muslim Girl: That could have been us.

Jewish Girl: This world has devoured our past,

Muslim Girl: But how quickly it forgets

Together: You are what you eat.

Jewish Girl: See, this Jewish girl

Muslim Girl: And this Muslim girl

Together: Are for more similar than our religions would like us to believe, because I betcha didn't realize

Jewish Girl: That we have the same favorite movies,

Muslim Girl: And that we both love

Together: Hummus! And we keep being asked the same damn questions every time we fall head over heels:

Jewish Girl: Is he a respectable Muslim boy?

Muslim Girl: Jewish boy?

Jewish Girl: Did you meet him at the mosque?

Muslim Girl: The synagogue?

Jewish Girl: That little Palestinian girl

Muslim Girl: And that little Israeli girl

Together: Will never get to be asked these questions,

Jewish Girl: Never get to discover that they have the same favorite movies,

Muslim Girl: Or whether they were both gonna become poets,

Together: Performing on stages like this one,

Jewish Girl: And we may not have either,

Muslim Girl: Had we let the way the world sees us get in our way.

Together: We are connected. We are one.

Jewish Girl: Like Adonai.

Muslim Girl: Like Allah.

Together: Like God.

[crowd cheering]

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This wow-so-effing-amazing video was recorded at the Brave New Voices 2013 Quarter Finals in Washington, D.C. The performers are Amina Iro and Hannah Halpern. See more on YouTube, or check out the organization on Facebook.

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