Archie Bunker’s Brilliant (?) Summary Of What Equal Pay Would Do To America

Remember when conversations like this happened in every household? Even worse, 10 or 20 years before this, it was just automatically assumed that the wage disparity was fine and dandy. How far we've come ... and how far we have yet to go!

Here's what this clip is about in a nutshell.

First, the setup: Irene gets a job a a forklift driver. She's lamenting the fact that she's paid less than guys working the same job.

And of course, Archie digs his hole even deeper after shocking everybody in the room with that statement by backing it up with ... the Bible.

And then, the punch line.

Watch the clip here:

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Archie, the next step is get them to pay me like a fella.

What do you mean by that?

Oh they're putting me on regular next week, but they're paying me less than they paid the man who used to run the forklift.

Oh well come on Irene, after all, it's a well-known fact that men are worth more than women.


Archie, have you been reading Playboy?

No, Irene, the Bible.

The Bible?

The Bible. And in the Bible it says God made man in his own image, and he made woman after, from a rib. A cheaper cut.



I'm doing same work as a man and if he was getting paid $6.00 an hour, why should I get $5.50?

Because Irene you can't... you're getting what? You're getting $5.50 an hour?

Archie, that's exactly what they're paying you.

What they're paying me!

There goes your rib theory.


And there goes the whole country, Meathead! When you see the day that they're giving women the same pay as men and giving women the same jobs, where the hell does it all gonna end? What are you gonna say when a woman is managing the Mets?

I'll say we have equality, right?


Right, Michael?


Let's think about that a minute.

Yeah, yeah, and while you're thinking about it, think about this! Equality is unfair!


That's right! Whats the point of a man working hard all his life, trying to get someplace, if all he's going to do is wind up equal?


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This is from the 1970s TV series "All in the Family." Some episodes are available for free on Hulu, or you can purchase the series elsewhere.

Dec 22, 2014

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