A Bro Watched As An Effeminate Guy Was Bullied, So He Decided To Come Out Of The Closet

Matt Orr Curator:

On some level, this is something we can probably all relate to. You know, we have something inside us and we want to suppress it, and then we realize what we've been hiding is actually effing awesome ... so we become it.

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Misconceptions of the effeminate. Let's talk about a lisp, and how it can be a detriment. A flick of the wrist is a wrist case imminent. We say "masc" to assure that we stood in and blended while our more fabulous brothers get condescended upon.

I stood by... guilty I, I mean I was. I saw anyone who was a little more fabulous get bullied by friends but never called for an end because I couldn't yet... see my own.

I saw myself as above the rest because I could hide in plain sight. I thought there was a difference in suffering but you can pain wrong or silently pain right.

Pass off that pain by pointing out someone more gay in sight, and I went to bed hating that part of myself every single night.

I stopped doing theater, I stopped singing choir, talked about the ladies because acceptance was dire, and I would've given anything to cut the pink wire and light fire to this notion that I was a... faggot.

And go up like a bundle of sticks, rise from the ashes cleansed of that risk, but hey, I'm "masc" right? Straight-acting torso for you to swipe right.

When I met Michael he was magnificent. The way he walked with a kind of indifference. Like water off a ducks back he didn't give a fuck if people whispered.

Whereas those words would have left me broken and blistered, brave he had spoke his mind not just from time to time, but like he peeled the rind to show his true fruit.

He was sweet until he was tart, and sassy and damn smart, but he always spoke his truth.

Michael played violin. He wan't prone to violence, weekends on Fire Island, or breaking up the silent sea... he was everything that Michael wanted to be, when I was trying to find the beginning and end of what made me me.

In school I had tests and quizzes friends to lay witness to my straight-acting business. Mike he once got stabbed with scissors. When he walked down the halls got whistles, got called girl or Missus.

I got tested once a week, he got tested everyday, all because I blended when his true colors gave him away. Society said walk this line, you'll be safe if you obey, but I was never as brave as Mike who simply said, make way.

I was never brave as Mike who society made pay, being a bit more fabulous and refusing to meet half way. Twenty-four years and we never made Mike cave. Effeminate doesn't mean sissy. Effeminate means brave.

Yo Mike, wait up. You alright?

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Aug 27, 2014

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