You Might Know Our Beauty Standards Are Unrealistic, But You Might Be Affected Anyway. Here's Why.

Dr. Engeln says the way many women perceive themselves is not a failure of having information or being able to process it. In other words, plenty of smart, rational women know that the images they see aren't realistic, but it still affects them negatively. And before we start talking about how men deal with it too, please listen to her facts beginning at 3:50. She explains what beauty sickness is and why it happens beginning at 7:03. Stick around for the last three minutes to see what you can do. "Wanting to be beautiful is not the problem. The problem is when it's all our young girls and women want to be."

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Anyone who has spent any time around dogs knows that fireworks can be a jarring experience. The fact that they are in a shelter with the uncertainty of not having a home and being caged, combines for an understandably anxious situation. Santiago mentions to, that sometimes the pets can get so stressed out that they can jump out of windows or dig under fences, which isn't healthy for their psyche. The third annual Calm the Canines event is sponsored by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control with founder Santiago in Arizona. They comfort animals during these worrisome times.

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