Why People Are Running These Powerful Machines On Bacon Fat

Look, I’m just as surprised as you are, but all these people, from Willie Nelson (OK, not surprising) to NASCAR, are getting into using renewable energy. And the best part is that they’re not doing it to make a point—they’re doing it because it just works so darn well. 

Why People Are Running These Powerful Machines On Bacon Fat

Fuel made from straw and beets: If Ferrari's doing it, it must be sexy.

NASCAR: Vrooming on ethanol-based biofuel since 2010!

Since 2007, Queen Elizabeth's ride has run on cooking oil.

The Blue Angels in this video are flying on 50% jet fuel, 50% biofuel:

The wheels on Willie's bus go round and round, greenly:

via Grahame / Flickr, @imeyrick / TikTok

The UK is experiencing record-breaking weather this week. England reached its hottest temperature of the year on Tuesday when it hit 32.2°C at Heathrow Airport in west London. Temperatures in Northern Ireland reached an all-time high when 31.3°C was recorded at Castlederg the next day.

However, when you translate Celsius to Fahrenheit, the temperatures don't seem to be that extreme, at least to an American. Thirty-two degrees celsius is only 89.6° F. When you compare the temperatures in the UK to an average July day in Las Vegas, Nevada where it'll hit 107°F, the British seem a little weak.

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