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What If We Could Remove Politics From Our Children's Education?

One school in Indiana is about to do just that. They're even making a documentary explaining their plans as they go into effect. I'm no expert, but it seems to me like other schools might have a thing or two (or a hundred) to learn from this little experiment. Check out the trailer below if you don't believe me. Education reform: IT'S A GOOD IDEA.Now can we please get the government to make it a priority?

What If We Could Remove Politics From Our Children's Education?

This article originally appeared on 04.13.18

Teens have a knack for coming up with clever ways to rage against the system.

When I was in high school, the most notorious urban legend whispered about in hallways and at parties went like this: A teacher told his class that they were allowed to put "anything" on a notecard to assist them during a science test. Supposedly, one of his students arrived on test day with a grown adult at his side — a college chemistry major, who proceeded to stand on the notecard and give him answers. The teacher was apparently so impressed by the student's cunning that he gave him a high score, then canceled class for the rest of the week because he was in such a good mood.

Of course, I didn't know anyone who'd ever actually try such a thing. Why ruin a good story with reality — that pulling this kind of trick would probably earn you detention?

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