What Color Is Naked?

The word “nude,” in the beauty and fashion industry, has often been used to describe a pale beige color. Which is great … if you happen to have skin that color. Fortunately for those of us who aren't pale beige, and love to rock a nude leg, lip, or nail, the industry is catching on and expanding its notion of what it means to be nude. Check it out.

Urban Armour bandages mean you can actually conceal your paper cuts, instead of advertising them with a pale beige or bright pink plaster. (via Sociological Images)

A quick search of “nude” on Zappos, turns up kicks in an array of colors. (via Zappos)

OPI’s “nude”-colored polishes now come in a range, instead of a single pale shade. (via Sociological Images)

Want more? Pantone recently unveiled its SkinTone guide, featuring 110 natural skin shades. And they’ve partnered with beauty giant, Sephora, to create a foundation-matching system using its SkinTone guide. (via Pantone)