Watch A Coach’s Locker Room Speech That Is Unlike Any You've Heard Before

It's gonna take a team effort and a smart playbook to stop the opposing side.

Watch A Coach’s Locker Room Speech That Is Unlike Any You've Heard Before

Everybody here? All right, all right, settle down. Listen up.

First, you gotta know how the disease spreads. Take notes — you'll want to remember this.

Second, be able to recognize its symptoms.

Third, learn how to prevent its spread.

It goes without saying that there's a lot of hysteria about Ebola out there. That makes it all the more important to learn the facts, get the message out there to those who need to see it, and support efforts on the ground to fight this disease while we still can.

Watch the locker room speech below, then get out there and show Ebola who's the better player!

Credit: Haley Morris-Cafiero

Artist Haley Morris-Cafiero describes herself on her website as "part performer, part artist, part provocateur, part spectator." Her recent project, titled "Wait Watchers" has elements of all her self-descriptors.

In an email to us, Morris-Cafiero explained that she set up a camera in the street and stood in front of it, doing mundane activities like looking at a map or eating gelato. While she's standing there she sets off her camera, taking hundreds of photos.

Later, she looks through them and sees what is happening around her. Morris-Cafiero finds that people are often looking at her body, or commenting on it with their gaze or body language, at times even appearing to mock her.

"I then examine the images to see if any of the passersby had a critical or questioning element in their face or body language."

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