Top 5 Best Things From Mitt Romney's Fake Pinterest

You thought Mitt Romney was all about job creation, tax reform and restoring canine vehicular freedoms. Little did you know about his softer side! A new Pinterest account details his love of Baccarat glasses, Pellegrino baths, Faberge Eggs and more!

Top 5 Best Things From Mitt Romney's Fake Pinterest
Via Pexels and Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Apple has taken a huge step towards protecting children by announcing its new plan to scan iPhone photos for images of child abuse. The company will use a "neural match" system to scan photographs and if anything looks suspicious, a human at Apple will be notified to review the images and contact the authorities if necessary.

According to Apple, the new system will "continuously scan photos that are stored on a US user's iPhone and have also been uploaded to its iCloud back-up system."

The system is designed to protect users' privacy by scanning photos without making private communications readable by the company.

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