This Is What Happens When We Touch Objects Instead Of People

They’re always coming out with new technology that seems to know more about us than we do, and it can feel pretty creepy sometimes. But besides knowing what to advertise to us on Facebook, there are massive potential benefits to the environment, social change, and energy conservation on the horizon.

This Is What Happens When We Touch Objects Instead Of People
via Matt Radick / Flickr

Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military earlier this year, allowing the entire LGBTQ community to serve for the first time.

Anti-gay sentiment in the U.S. military goes as far back as 1778 when Lieutenant Frederick Gotthold Enslin was convicted at court-martial on charges of sodomy and perjury. The military would go on to make sodomy a crime in 1920 and worthy of dishonorable discharge.

In 1949 the Department of Defense standardized its anti-LGBT regulations across the military, declaring: "Homosexual personnel, irrespective of sex, should not be permitted to serve in any branch of the Armed Forces in any capacity, and prompt separation of known homosexuals from the Armed Forces is mandatory."

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