They Were Told That God Was Very Mad At Them. Then They Were Told That They Were Going To Hell.

What happens when you want to change the world, but find yourself changing diapers instead?You do both.It may not be easy, but these youngwomen show that being a teen mom isn’t the end of the world. They don’t lettheir situation or the stigma attached to it get them down. Instead, they get littlehelp from their community (and put the naysayers on ice).


Now, I’m not advocating that teen pregnancy is the only way, butlet’s be clear—women who choose to have children at a young age should not bedemonized or disrespected. Especially since the facts mentioned in thisvideo check out to be true. The CDC says that only 50% of teen moms receive high school diplomas by the time they're 22 years old, versus 90% of women who decide to wait to start their families. It’s important to have support systemsin place to make sure that all young women, regardless of their life decisions, have an opportunity to get an education.

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Anyone who has spent any time around dogs knows that fireworks can be a jarring experience. The fact that they are in a shelter with the uncertainty of not having a home and being caged, combines for an understandably anxious situation. Santiago mentions to, that sometimes the pets can get so stressed out that they can jump out of windows or dig under fences, which isn't healthy for their psyche. The third annual Calm the Canines event is sponsored by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control with founder Santiago in Arizona. They comfort animals during these worrisome times.

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