They Love Each Other To Bits. When They Notice We're Watching, How Will You React?

I was wondering why they were looking over at the camera. Until it hit me.

They Love Each Other To Bits. When They Notice We're Watching, How Will You React?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, this is a story about love.

Well, actually, it's more a "film poem" about love. There's music and poetry and cool visuals. But bear with me.

The poem is spoken in Urdu and Hindi — but fear not, English speakers! It's got subtitles to match what Huma Qureshi (the narrator) says.

As the video begins, you'll notice that the people are gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, or queer.

They are initially expressing their affection or love for one another — and then they turn to the camera. They're not exactly scared, but they're a little hesitant.

You might wonder why the people are staring.

They are actors, but they're acting out something that is very real among the LGBTQ community: They are always — literally and figuratively — looking over their shoulders to see if and how people will cast judgment on them.

Yet, despite the chance that someone will cast judgment on them, despite the risks, here they are, not being afraid to love the person they want to love.

And seeing them express their love is beautiful.

Hopefully you'll react not with hatred or with disgust, but with acceptance.

Here's the video in all its beauty.

Did you know that since April 2014, India's Supreme Court has recognized the "third gender"? Before this ruling, the hijra population — which is the term for the transgender community in South Asia — was well-known all over India.

The complexities and nuances of gender and sexuality change depending on the location and culture. But they're all fighting for the same thing: To be able to love, and be loved.

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