People can't stop poking fun at this dad who passed out in the delivery room

She's giving birth, and he can't even stand the sight of a needle.

Cody Johnson faints in the delivery room.

When you're the non-birthing parent in a delivery room, your job is to be strong and supportive. It’s not to faint while your significant other is going through one of the most painful experiences of her life.

Cody Johnson, the husband of new mom Corianne, failed on all fronts.

A viral video on TikTok with 13 million views shows Cody passed out on the delivery room floor while his wife prepares to give birth. After regaining consciousness, he was given a spot on the couch and a juice box, like a small child, to recuperate. All while his wife was hard at work bringing a child into this world.

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Courtesy of CeraVe

Have you ever wondered what drives nurses to do what they do? We took a walk in one nurse’s shoes to get a better understanding of what makes her truly remarkable.

Emily Danz of Fort Lee, New Jersey, grew up watching her Yiayia (“grandmother” in Greek), battle heart disease. As a child, she listened with curiosity and amazement as the doctors explained cardiac procedures and outcomes to her family.

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It takes a special type of person to become a nurse. The job requires a combination of energy, empathy, clear mind, oftentimes a strong stomach, and a cheerful attitude. And while people typically think of nursing in a clinical setting, some nurses are driven to work with the people that feel forgotten by society.

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Richard Soliz spent 28 days at Harborview Medical Center and nearly died of COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic, we've seen countless stories of patients in the ICU, terribly sick with COVID-19, still insisting that the virus isn't real. Such stories of denial are frustrating, especially for healthcare workers who are doing their best to save people's lives.

That's why this story of a COVID patient returning to the hospital to thank—and apologize to—the medical staff who helped him offers a ray of hope that not all who are in denial will stay that way.

According to KOMO News, Richard Soliz hadn't known anyone who had gotten sick from the coronavirus. He had also fallen prey to misinformation on social media about the vaccine, so had chosen not to get vaccinated. Then he fell ill in late August, spiked a fever and found it difficult to breathe.

"That's when I really knew I was in a bad situation," Soliz said. "That's when I knew, hey, this is COVID. Man. I contracted the virus."

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