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john cena

John Cena sat down to tea with a fan's granny and delight ensued.

John Cena is one of the most beloved celebrity wrestlers and actors, but it's not because of his wrestling or his acting. In addition to being generous and kind, he has a likeability that's hard to ignore. He embodies so much effortless charm and charisma that even people who have never watched a moment of WWE know who he is and say, "Oh yeah, that guy. He seems so nice."

So seeing John Cena sitting in a suit for a proper tea with a British grandmother is already a delight before either of them even open their mouths. Then their conversation begins, and it's about as wholesome as it gets.

Cena is known for his "You can't see me" hand wave move, which he had to explain to a fan's grandma when she said, "Do you know, my granddaughter, who is an avid fan, said that I wouldn't be able to see you?"

"I can explain," he said. And then he did, in the most granny-friendly way possible.

"So, I'm a bit of a rabble rouser," he began, to which Grandma—who looks quite a bit like Cloris Leachman—smiled and responded, "How exciting!"

Seriously, too precious.

"And one of the things that younger people know me for is this ridiculous dance maneuver where I wave my hand in front of my face and I say, 'You can't see me,'" Cena continued. "But I don't say it like that, I say, 'YOU CAN'T SEE ME.'"

And then Granny repeats, imitating his voice. You have to see the video, shared by The Hook on TikTok:


John Cena explains ‘You Can’t See Me’ to a granny 😂👵 #johncena #youcantseeme #johncenameme #wwe #playingwithfire #fyp #foryoupage

With over 5 millions views, the video is a huge hit, with people sharing jokes about Cena and/or Granny disappearing and their general love for John Cena.

"He's just such a delightful man. He's funny, he's charming, and he never takes himself too seriously," shared one commenter.

"I have never in my entire life managed to be that charming," shared another.

"I have absolutely no interest in wrestling but this man is adorable," wrote another.

Sometimes you just need a little clip of John Cena pouring tea and calling himself a "rabble rouser" to bring some joy to your day.