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Pop Culture

John Cena is being praised for the polite way he asked a fan to leave him alone

A fan came up and asked the actor to say a catchphrase from his wrestling days.


Sometimes you just wanna enjoy some time with your friends.

Look, it happens to the best of us. We see a celebrity that we love out and about in the wild. Our excitement takes hold, and we rush up to our icons hoping they might deliver a bit of that same joy we experience from them on the screen. For a moment, the lines blur between fantasy and reality, and we forget that we are dealing with an actual human being, rather than a character.

Well known celebrities deal with this kind of social interaction all the time, whether they want it or not. And many times, they have to resort to expressing frustration in order to set a boundary. It doesn’t take a very long internet search to find public figures losing their cool at a fan who couldn’t pick up a hint.

That’s why people are praising John Cena for the way he respectfully handled a fan who might have overstepped a bit. Once a Peacemaker, always a Peacemaker it seems.

The clip posted to TikTok shows Cena sitting at an outside table at a restaurant. We overhear a voice behind the camera ask the pro wrestler to recite his infamous "You can't see me,” catchphrase used during his WWE days.

With a calm smile, Cena replied "How about I enjoy some time with my friends?" The person then apologized and Cena gave a polite nod before the video cut.
@alex99rocks my friend met john cena and decided to be a cornball🤣 @Arya ♬ original sound - alex

The video quickly racked up over 400,000 views on TikTok, with many, if not most viewers commending Cena for being a “polite boundary setter.”

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Despite his “tough guy” brand, Cena has proven himself to be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Really, more than just nice. From helping refugee families to making a record-breaking amount of Make-A-Wish appearances, the dude has shown genuine kindness.

We might not be celebrities, but we all need to establish boundaries in one way or another. Setting those boundaries doesn't necessarily have to be a fight though. Sometimes it can be as simple as a courteous “not right now.”