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Olympic figure skater takes viral Wednesday Addams dance for a spin

Everyone is trying their hand at this dance, from Lady Gaga to figure skaters.

Olympic figure skater takes viral Wednesday Addams dance for a spin

"Wednesday" is the new Netflix series taking over the airwaves. The show is a spinoff of the "Addams Family" where Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, is now a much older teen sent away to school at Nevermore Academy. In episode four, Wednesday attends a school dance where she has some...interesting dance moves.

This dance seems to be occupying everyone's free time as they learn to perfect it. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West to Camila Cabello and Lady Gaga have all tried their hand at recreating this now iconic dance. But Olympic figure skater Kamila Valieva added a new spin to the dance—literally.

I do want to forewarn you though, if you're looking for smooth, charismatic moves to the dance, this is not it. What Valieva does on the ice is nothing short of amazing, however. The skater starts the routine from behind a table backlit with red light, and at first, all you can see is a hand dancing on the table like Thing, a character from "Wednesday" and "Addams Family."

Immediately this small detail pulls you into the performance and makes your brain aware that you're in for a treat. Quickly Valieva pops up from behind the table with an emotionless face, as if she's rising from a coffin, the mysterious hand placed on her shoulder. The familiar "Addams Family" tune plays as she heads over the wall of the skater's box to hypnotize the audience with the eerie dance.

Watch the performance below:

Can't get enough of the "Wednesday" dance? Have a gander at Lady Gaga's attempt. As for me, I'll be right back. Going to go learn this dance.