Since When Does Being Popular Mean Having To Put Up With This Kind Of Bullying

I love using social media to stay in touch with old friends and make connections with new ones. The problem is there are some people who hide behind the screen and use their anonymity to bully others. We need to remember there is a real person with real feelings reading those comments. If it's considered bullying in real life, the same goes for online behavior too.

Since When Does Being Popular Mean Having To Put Up With This Kind Of Bullying

Here's a brief history of bullying because ...

Back in "the day," bullying used to look like this.

Thanks to the Internet, bullying now also looks like this.

At least they're using their words? No. Sorry. Bad joke.

When you're sitting at your computer, it can be hard to remember there are people sitting on the other side.

We need to take cyberbullying just as seriously as physical bullying.

Come on now. Let's hug it out.

We can do this, Internet.

The more we love, the less trolls hate. I'm in!

And here's the quote you'll want to share with your friends and family:

@SubwayCreatures / Twitter

A man who uses a wheelchair fell onto the tracks in a New York City subway station on Wednesday afternoon. A CBS New York writer was at the scene of the incident and says that people rushed to save the man after they heard him "whimpering."

It's unclear why the man fell onto the tracks.

A brave rescuer risked his life by jumping on the tracks to get the man to safety knowing that the train would come barreling in at any second. The footage is even more dramatic because you can hear the station's PA system announce that the train is on its way.

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