She's trying to make it in Hollywood, but what she's uncovering is pretty troublesome.

Check out this episode from the new web series on making it (and getting awkwardly hit on/being the target of terrible racist stereotypes) in Hollywood from real-life actress Amani Starnes. In an industry that has very strict ideas about what it takes to "make it," Amani is making waves.

This article originally appeared on 9.29.15

"Just because you didn't do marriage well doesn't mean you can't do divorce fabulously."

That's something my mother-in-law said to me when her son and I were ending our young, impetuous, and ultimately-not-right-for-us marriage. It stuck with me through the years.

These sweet images from Brittany Peck's wedding have struck a chord with families across the Internet, and they seem to be getting that very same lesson about "doing divorce well" through to millions.

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