She asks for what she wants on Valentine's Day and gets breathless. Not like you think, though.

The transplant list is high, but donors are low.

This is Stacie.

She is wonderful and full of life.

She enjoys music, watching tennis, and spending time with her family. Plus, she's currently taking classes in hopes of a history degree.

This Valentine's Day, Stacie is looking for a heart.

Stacie's own heart doesn't work like the average person's, so she's looking for a donor. Her doctor gave her three years to live.

That was two years and nine months ago.

It takes Stacy about 20 minutes to put on a dress.

But it takes you and me about five seconds to check the organ-donor box at the DMV.

This message is an easy one to pass along. Who knows — you could save a life by sharing.

Watch Stacie's video below and read more if you're interested in being an organ donor.