Seeing what a scared puppy forced herself to do pretty much melted my heart.

She had a choice to stay or run away. Many would have taken the easy way out. She didn't.

When you really want to be together, you'll face up to anything. Watch how she did just that.

5 reasons adopting a dog is good for your health.

Whether it's taking them for a walk or playing fetch, your dog will get you moving and enjoying a healthy dose of vitamin D out in the sun.

Need a boost? If you ever feel anxious or down, cozy up to a pooch. They can increase serotonin and balance out your moods.

Ever notice it's hard to make friends as an adult? Dogs are great icebreakers. Take one for a walk and see how many people stop to talk.

Infants living under the same roof as a dog are less likely to get certain allergies. Early exposure to dog germs is a good thing.

Give your dog a hug. They deserve it after lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. They're good for your heart, literally.

If you're thinking about adopting a dog, check out a local shelter. Millions of loveable "rescue dogs" are waiting to meet a new friend.

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