Stella Artois

What does your toilet look like?

Is that a strange question? Maybe so, but it's also a pretty important one. Well, the important bit is less what your toilet looks like, and more: Do you have one at all?

Without a toilet, your life would likely be pretty different.

Before Shoba had a toilet, she had to seek out an empty field every time she needed to use the bathroom. Whether or not you're used to going outside for #2, one thing's for sure — that process took up a lot of time in Shoba's day.

Thankfully, Shoba was able to get her own toilet using a sanitation loan. She's gotten so many hours back. Now, "she and her husband Nagaraj have more time to work ... and to raise their kids, allowing their lives to flourish."

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?

See what Shoba and other mothers are up to with the extra time they've gotten back thanks to water and sanitation loans.