I have a totally cute but not-entirely-related personal story:

I recently took my ballet-obsessed daughter to New York (we live in the Midwest) for a holiday treat: to see "The Nutcracker" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. A woman brought her toddler up near our seats. I assumed they were there to look over the railing and check out the orchestra like a lot of other kids were. But actually, the toddler came up because she wanted to tell my preteen daughter how much she loved her sparkly dress and to show off her own sparkly red shoes. When I looked up to chat with adorable-toddler's mom, it turned out to be Maggie Gyllenhaal. This is all a very long way of telling you that I think Maggie G. is a really genuinely nice person, and I think this speech is 100% sincere. You know, because we're close personal besties, practically.

I love seeing women champion other women, and she makes such an excellent observation here.

If you can't watch it, here's part of it (but it's not all of it, so really, watch it if you can because it's great!):

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