MISSING: Pretty White Girl. ALSO MISSING: Media Coverage Of All The Other Kinds of Missing People.

Let's be real. The media only reports on homicides when they're sensational and/or feature pretty white girls. Homicide Watch D.C. (one of the most innovative experiments in Internet journalism) is trying to change that by elevating the conversation and the D.C. community's understanding of violent crimes by reporting on every single homicide in the D.C. area over the course of one year. Homicide Watch D.C. has done some groundbreaking (and award-winning) work in its first two years, but it needs our help to stay alive for what promises to be an amazing third year. Unfortunately, if it doesn't get funding by Sept. 13, 2012, the whole project will be shut down. Hundreds of homicides will go unreported and victims will be forgotten. Don't let that happen.

Watch the video below, then visit the Homicide Watch D.C. Kickstarter page and show your support today.