If these 30 seconds don't crack open your mind a little bit ... WHO ARE YOU
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Science wisdom. It's so satisfying.

Now crack your brain on these things.


Aka suns that turn into black holes

A star that's up to 200-ish times as HUGE as our sun exploded into a supernova. Its name is SN 2006gy (catchy!), and it's 240 million light years away.


Aka is it a sphere, does it look like a saddle, or is it flat and infinite? It's bigger than what we see, which is ALREADY a lot.

All of our images of the observable universe look like we're in the middle, but we aren't. Matter of possible-fact, there probably ISN'T a middle.

Via Space.com:

According to NASA, scientists know that the universe is flat with only about a 0.4 percent margin of error (as of 2013). A flat universe is an infinite universe; thus the size of the universe is infinite.

Aka maybe our universe isn't even the only one!

Infinite universes, bubble universes, parallel universes, daughter universes, mathematical universes. They could ALL be possible. If infinity wasn't enough for you, think about the multiverse. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around this stuff, so I'm just going to contemplate the vastness.

Now take 30 more seconds.

Day changed?

Need a mood boost to help you sail through the weekend? Here are 10 moments that brought joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces this week. Enjoy!

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