First He Went To The Hospital. Then He Felt The Worst Pain Of His Life. Then Things Got Weird.

Yes, John Green was in Africa. Yes, he was hospitalized shortly thereafter. Internet Diagnosis Machine says ... Ebola! Er, no, sorry. Really, he was as far away from it in Africa as England is from Afghanistan. He had meningitis, which he apparently got in — well, this is embarrassing — Florida. Green’s brain is still a little on the swollen side, but even so, he turns the Internet’s little mistake into a mirror that shows just how knuckleheaded people can be.

As Green points out, it’d be great if we took our fear of Ebola and channeled it into thinking about how we can help get running water infrastructure, latex gloves, and bleach to the communities that are really at war with this and other infectious diseases. Wanna learn more? Here you go.

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