Did you know there's an abortion desert in the U.S.? Allow this really 'female' puppet to show you.

How do you make a very serious topic (like a major women's health care crisis) memorable? A little satire and a whole lot of puppet.

Did you know there's an abortion desert in the U.S.? Allow this really 'female' puppet to show you.

Without further ado, I present to you "The Abortion Desert."

Some things you really have to see for yourself. But in case you didn't watch, here's the gist:

There's a nearly 1,200-mile-wide "desert" of abortion providers from Idaho to North and South Dakota.

There are only 10 cities in that entire 5 state area that offer any form of abortion access. Crazy right?

Well, if you think that's crazy, try watching a pink uterus named Eunice trek across the desert. I told you, you kind of have to watch it.

Eunice is hot. Eunice is tired. But Eunice is on a mission to show the hardships of crossing such a desert, especially if you're a poor woman or a woman of color.

These two groups are disproportionately affected when access to health care is limited, and research shows that funding restrictions force 1 in 4 women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

I, for one, didn't know about the abortion desert or what it means for millions of women. Did you?

So go ahead and share this clever little video to spread the word about the importance of making reproductive care available to all women — no matter where they live.

via James Breakwell / Twitter

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